New Arrivals

  • Nanrobot C1

    Nanrobot C1


    The Nanrobot C1 is an electric scooter known for its powerful performance and versatility. With a high-capacity lithium battery and a robust motor, the C1 offers impressive speed and range, making it suitable for various commuting and recreational purposes. Its durable construction and advanced suspension system provide a comfortable ride, even on uneven surfaces. The Nanrobot C1 is designed to cater to users who prioritize performance and seek a reliable and efficient mode of electric transportation.

  • Nanrobot N6

    Nanrobot N6


    The latest work from the NANROBOT design team in 2022, the high-powered technology version of the electric scooter travels around the world! Use the spirit of craftsman to create a masterpiece N6 fast off-road electric scooter, Low Carbon,Environmental Protection, the best choice for green travel!

  • Nanrobot LS7+

    Nanrobot LS7+


    Nanrobot LS7+ is the newly upgraded and improved version of our LS7 scooter. Also, within this upgrade LS7+ added the Super LED lights, an intelligent controller, a well-built aluminum alloy frame, an upgraded deck for rider’s comfort, and more are worthy attractions that make the LS7+ truly stand out. MOQ: 2 UNIT

Nanrobot Electric Scooters



We want to make the best electric scooters in the world, we hope the fans of electric scooters all over the world have a lot of fun while driving for commuting or crossing the off-road, so we are looking for partners in each country and working with different brands to offer them our successful products.
So please contact us without hesitation to start the journey with us.